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Eighth House Cusp Rulers Breakdown

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Aries: You do not fear staring death in the face and do not avoid self destruction for the purpose of self transformation. You likely prefer to be in charge of your taxes and handle any joint finances you might have.

Taurus: May be an indicator of someone who makes a good profit from investing. Likely not eager with self transformation and not the most adept with change or unexpected losses.

Gemini: Likely drawn towards acquiring knowledge about the occult and looking deeper into the meanings of things/not taking any information for granted. Your mind is quite flexible and you are adept at unlearning the things you have already learned for the sake of making deeper discoveries and uncovering the truth.

Cancer: You likely hide your emotions and find them to be quite deep or even too dark to share, or else you might even hide them from yourself pushing them down to the point of being undetectable - depends on the disposition of the rest of your chart.

Leo: Your self esteem may have gone through many periods of being destroyed and re-transformed in order for it to be as strong as it is, you are inspired to always strive to be better. You are unlikely to be too secretive about your finances and might find a special joy in spending and/or gambling.

Virgo: Meticulous with your joint finances, maybe micromanaging. The way you go about self transformation is with your mind - either changing your mindset, opening up to new ways of thinking, or growing through learning. You definitely believe knowledge is power.

Libra: Your finances likely improve after marriage or through a partner. You can make money through partnership, whether it is a business partner or an auspicious marriage. You likely go through deep self transformations and learn a lot about yourself through relationships.

Scorpio: You embrace self transformation but may be secretive about your joint finances and not forthcoming about your deeper feelings.

Sagittarius: You are positive and lucky with your joint finances, you can attract unexpected earnings just with your optimism and abundance mentality. You also embrace self transformation with an optimistic attitude.

Capricorn: You may be responsible for someone else's finances and are certainly very responsible with your own. Self transformation is something you are constantly working on over long periods of time, you are not likely one to have a dramatic meaningful transformation overnight. Most likely to die in old age from natural causes (should no planetary placements interfere).

Aquarius: Unpredictable joint finances or unconventional way of handling joint finances. May be attracted to things such as cryptocurrency or other unconventional/underground sources of money. Second most likely to die in old age from natural causes (should no planetary placements interfere) or die in an unusual unexpected way.

Pisces: You may be prone to sacrificing yourself for the sake of your joint finances and giving up your own interests for the sake of others financially or post marriage. You go about self transformation by getting rid of your self interest and participating in things from a selflessly involved perspective.

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