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Twelfth House Cusp Rulers Breakdown

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Aries: Though this may not be a very apparent part of yourself from the outside, in your subconscious you harbor a strong sense of self confidence. You may also act significantly more confident, loud, and/or brash when drunk.

Taurus: People may not expect you to be as fixed or stable as you actually are, but subconsciously you have a strong need for security that governs you.

Gemini: When you're alone you find it difficult to quiet your mind. You're often lost in thought and are full of ideas but most people don't assume you to be very smart. You can however communicate about spirituality very effectively and are more social when you're drunk.

Cancer: Your emotional nature is often hidden and people don't realize how sensitive you really are. As you tend to deal with your emotions by yourself you may not have the best skills in coping with other people's emotions

Leo: You are more powerful than you seem but it may be that your self esteem is highest when you are alone. Though you are not at all quick to jump into the spotlight, you may possibly be the best in shower singer - nay, performer - ever.

Virgo: You hide your anxieties and your critical nature but they are a big part of your subconscious and/or manifest themselves when you are on your own. You may like to believe that you are an exclusively positive person but there is a negative mindset in your subconscious that haunts you.

Libra: You have a subconscious drive to have a partner and hardly feel satisfied being alone when you are alone. However, you have a hard time putting yourself out there and may feel you don't have a natural knack for relationships.

Scorpio: You shun the darker sides of your subconscious but may find you are quite a dark person when left alone to your own thoughts. You are not comfortable sharing anything that is tabboo and may not even feel comfortable when other people share such things or reveal negative emotions.

Sagittarius: Though you are most likely seen as practically minded in your alone time you may entertain a more faith based mindset, dabble in the law of attraction, or muse about philosophies and not many people get to see this side of you.

Capricorn: You may find that your imagination feels restricted or perhaps that you learn most of your important lessons through isolation.

Aquarius: You may find that your mind is particularly innovative when you are on your own and may come up with several original ideas that you may or may not be too fearful to put into action. You have a subconscious craving for belonging to a group but don't tend to do well in groups of people.

Pisces: You hardly reveal your soft an compassionate side, possibly only when you are under the influence. You may have a tendency to ignore your intuition even though subconsciously you know it to be very strong.

Thank you so much for tuning into our House Series! And if you didn't actually.... well now you can! This blog post is just one of eleven and there are also twelve videos up on our channel that go into all the houses in your natal chart. And the best part is that literally everyone has twelve houses in their chart so each and every one of those videos is relevant to you.

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