This is a 30 minute reading flexible to all levels of understanding. Whether you consider yourself more of a beginner or you feel more advanced in astrology, we can cater these 30 minutes to one question you’d like clarity on. This is also perfect if after getting a prior full reading from us, you feel you have a follow up question you want addressed in depth. But even if you haven’t gotten a reading before, if this one speaks to you, then add it to your cart! Small disclaimer - We are not psychics ;) In the time of social distancing we (Nina & Shaina) will not be able to be in the same room while doing your reading. Therefore for the foreseeable future we will be performing readings via zoom. You can choose to have a live interactive reading where you join our zoom call and can chat with us about your chart, or you can choose to have a prerecorded zoom call between the two of us sent to you via email. Thank you for your understanding, stay safe and healthy folks. All orders are fulfilled within 8 weeks ✨Orders 

30 Minute (Any Level)/Follow-Up Reading