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This is a 60 minute reading where we will dive deep into your chart to answer more advanced questions for viewers that have a stronger understanding of astrology. We may veer into progressions and transits and have the opportunity to go deeper into different aspects, asteroids, and nodes. Please note it is difficult to fill up one hour of time limited to beginner topics and difficult to address advanced questions while introducing unfamiliar territory, so please take into consideration your level of understanding when choosing a reading rather than going solely based off of time. That being said, when addressing multiple intercepted planets-an advanced reading is encouraged for times sake. Ok, you’ve been warned, so if you wanna go deep-add this to your cart! Small disclaimer - we are not psychics ;) You can chose to receive your reading in an unlisted YouTube video, or you can chose to have it done via an unlisted livestream where only you have access to the video but are able to interact with us live through the comments. In either case the video will be private and you will always have access to watch it back as long as you keep the link we send you. All orders are fulfilled within 8 weeks ✨

Advanced Chart Reading

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