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This astrology course will take you from the basics to the big leagues of everything you need to know to read a birth chart. We will teach it through a private interactive livestream where we will answer your questions live and use your birth charts in examples. You'll come out of it with a bunch of new party tricks and a comprehensive understanding of astrology and how to read birthcharts. Though there is a huge benefit to watching live you will also have access to the lessons anytime you want after streaming. Price goes up after Christmas and we'll be cutting it off at 20 students. Our free House Series we'll be uploading to YouTube in the new year is supplemental to this course. Class will be at 11am PST on SUNDAYSAnd is set to begin January 12th 2020! Sylallabus: Class 1: All About the SignsClass 2: All About the PlanetsClass 3: The Skeleton of a Birth ChartClass 4: Elements, Modalities, & CuspsClass 5: Aspects & DegreesClass 6: Astroids & NodesClass 7: Natal Retrogrades, Interceptions, & StelliumsClass 8: Different Kinds of Charts (i.e. synastry, progressed, dragonic, etc.)

Astrology Course