This is a 20 minute long segment part of a longer live show where we will simply look at your chart and DRAAAG you based off of your placements from a negatively skewed perspective. In our only reading with absolutely no prior preparation, the main goal is not necessarily to help or educate you, but it may happen in the process. Traditionally this reading is done live on our channel and scheduled with you beforehand, but should you chose to be dragged privately you may request a private interactive livestream where you can still interact with us but our viewers would not be able to join in on the draaaag. Note that if you leave your gender or sexual orientation, they are not ammunition for dragging, but simply to get a better idea of how the energies affect you and your love life. If you would like to be dragged live but under an alias please make note of it in your order notes below. We will be doing DRAAG ME! Readings every Tuesday in the month of May. Please keep your availability in mind when purchasing. However, we will always do our best to accommodate.




This month, due to social distancing we may not be able to do drag mes with both of us in the same room and we’ll have to broadcast a live zoom conference. Please only purchase if you are okay with this set up rather than what you are used to seeing on our channel. We promise to do our best to not have it interfere with the quality or enjoyability of the reading! Thank you so much for your patience and continued support during this less than ideal time.



All orders are fulfilled within 8 weeks ✨


  • We have the right to refuse service without a refund to anyone who does not show up to a scheduled reading within 10 minutes of the agreed time without at least 24 hours notice. If you let us know before the 24 hour mark-we are more than happy to reschedule. Please just take into consideration our busy schedules and do not agree to a time you may not be able to be there for :)

  • "Have you ever fantasized about being publicly humiliated in front of a small group of people, on the inter-webs, regarding something about yourself you cannot ever change? If this sounds like you, then look no further! These two are here for you. A DrAag me reading is an interpretation of your natal chart, that roasts you for all your karmic filth. Its great ! I love having my soul snatched for something I will never be able to change about myself. Sarcasm aside, I loved this service. Very tongue and cheek. They are respectful of things they see in your chart that are legitimately sad. Everything that is said, is said in good fun. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun and doesn't have serious inquiries about their natal chart. If you do, there are other services you can purchase.Super funny. Very sweet. I had a great time and couldn't recommend it more."