This is a 30 minute reading on a years worth of your upcoming long term transits and a look at your current progressed chart. Though we do not claim to be psychics, by taking a look at your comprehensive individual forecast we can ascertain certain themes and lend some advice to help with your perspective and understanding of what’s to come. Feel free to direct us towards a certain focus of the reading such as love life, career, family, creativity, etc. In the time of social distancing we (Nina & Shaina) will not be able to be in the same room while doing your reading. Therefore for the foreseeable future we will be performing readings via zoom. You can choose to have a live interactive reading where you join our zoom call and can chat with us about your chart, or you can choose to have a prerecorded zoom call between the two of us sent to you via email. Thank you for your understanding, stay safe and healthy folks.  All orders are fulfilled within 8 weeks ✨

Progressed Chart and Transit Reading