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Personalized For You

In these readings we cater towards you and what you're looking for, whether it is a deeper understanding of astrology, yourself, your purpose, career, relationships, or your astrological forecast for the next 12 months. The traditional birth chart readings are categorized by levels of understanding. In addition to traditional birth chart readings we have a transit reading and a "draag mee" reading. Though we approach our youtube channel with a comedic touch we take our readings very seriously and with ultimate care and compassion. But if you're looking for more of the lightheartedness we present on our channel at the expense of a more well rounded reading, then that's what the "DRAAG ME!" is for! Readings are available in limited quantity for pre-order the first of every month to be fulfilled by the end of the next month, so be quick! But if they're out of stock, fret not, they will come back soon. All readings are fulfilled within 8 weeks unless otherwise specified in the product description.

Code of Conduct

In a situation where you pay for a service before it is provided we naturally want to fulfill your order as soon as possible while being as thorough as we can. However you may run the risk of not having your order fulfilled should you not abide by some basics courtesies. We have the right to refuse service without a refund to anyone who:

Does not show up to a scheduled reading within 10 minutes of the agreed time without at least 24 hours notice.


Reaches out to us in a non professional way including: sexual harassment, bullying, comments that make us feel uncomfortable or unsafe, attempts to insert themselves into our personal lives in an inappropriate way without a previous rapport, or repeated non professional communication after being told to cease and desist.


The majority of our clients are lovely and we appreciate your feedback and feel close to you by virtue of your trust in us to read and interpret your charts. However this disclaimer is one that still needs to be made for the small minority who do not respect the boundaries of two Cancer Risings with Neptune in the seventh house.


*No Refunds On Any Purchases*

Due to the limited quantity in our monthly stock and our timeline of fulfilling orders we cannot refund purchases if you have a change of heart before receiving your reading

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