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We don’t want to brag

so we’ll let our clients take the mic on the ways they enjoyed their reading and/or found it beneficial:

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"I am overall really happy with the reading I got — this being my first purchased astrology reading. I loved the insight they could give into my placements, and I could tell it wasn’t just copy pasted from someone else’s work..."


"I enjoyed my reading a lot, it was very thorough and spot on, they answered all my questions and delivered the video pretty quickly(about two weeks wait) and it was really nice to learn more about myself, oddly enough i actually learned some new things about myself through their detailed explanations and i would definitely recommend!!"


"Nina and Shaina dedicate their heart and soul to astrology. They take the time to reveal things about your birth chart, that aren't necessarily as obvious for you to find on your own. We can all go online and google: birth chart, pulling it up on Astrolabe or on Cafe Astrology. But, I love this channel/ these readings, because regardless of your astrology experience, it is easy to understand Nina and Shaina. They explain things in a way that you will appreciate and understand. They delve into not just what your birth chart is, but are also investigating why and how your chart is impacting your life. Nina and Shaina take the time to understand who you are, and in the process, everyone can have a good time discovering your birth chart through this fantastic, live reading!"


"I loved talking to the girls about my chart - it was like therapy! I have a newfound appreciation for my aspects and how they manifest on the day to day. Thank you, ladies. This brought me that much closer to understanding myself."