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"Nina and Shaina dedicate their heart and soul to astrology. They take the time to reveal things about your birth chart, that aren't necessarily as obvious for you to find on your own. We can all go online and google: birth chart, pulling it up on Astrolabe or on Cafe Astrology. But, I love this channel/ these readings, because regardless of your astrology experience, it is easy to understand Nina and Shaina. They explain things in a way that you will appreciate and understand. They delve into not just what your birth chart is, but are also investigating why and how your chart is impacting your life. Nina and Shaina take the time to understand who you are, and in the process, everyone can have a good time discovering your birth chart through this fantastic, live reading!"

-Harini P.

"I am overall really happy with the reading I got — this being my first purchased astrology reading. I loved the insight they could give into my placements, and I could tell it wasn’t just copy pasted from someone else’s work..."


" I enjoyed my reading a lot, it was very thorough and spot on, they answered all my questions and delivered the video pretty quickly(about two weeks wait) and it was really nice to learn more about myself, oddly enough i actually learned some new things about myself through their detailed explanations and i would definitely recommend!!"


"I loved talking to the girls about my chart - it was like therapy! I have a newfound appreciation for my aspects and how they manifest on the day to day. Thank you, ladies. This brought me that much closer to understanding myself."

-Troy T.

'Is it worth the money?' Sure it is! Nina and Shaina not only bring professionality, but also a passionate and fun approach to the reading. They took the time to dig deeper into significant parts of my chart and gave me interpretation full of clarity and new perspectives. Beside that, they are reliable, down to earth people and communication with them was just pleasure.


I found the reading to be very thorough and accurate. The girls used my natal chart as a reference point to explain the themes of my life to date. They gave detailed explanations and pinpointed specific aspects to answer some of the questions I had asked, which I was very pleased with - I've listened to it a few times already! Thanks girls!

- Naomi B.

Even though it was meant for the laughs, I got to hear and understand myself in a way that very little times I thought I could be understood. It healed a lot of perceptions I did't get of me and having their insight beyond of what I could research on my own, was pretty great and humbling. I'm very enthusiastic on going of a full reading with them. Don't miss out, you guys!

- Marianna

Wonderful experience and an amazing reading. You leave will with more knowledge and a better understanding of your own chart and astrology in general. Shaina and Nina are very professional, really knowing how to handle heavy topics in a kind way and connect with you through they own experiences. 10 out of 10. I will definitely be back for another reading.


This was amazingly on point, and affirming to me. I have enjoyed the YouTube videos they do and it was a dream come true to have them read my chart!!! I highly recommend and am looking forward to other future readings!! 
-Chris P.
Super insightful reading!! it was informative and enjoyable, it helped me understand different aspects and placements in my chart in a clear and simple and entertaining way, i’m impressed with the accuracy and detail of it! beneficial for everyone i would say! thank you Nina and Shaina!! I would highly recommend <3
-Emily N.
Nina did an AMAZING job reading my birth chart! She is so intelligent and intuitive! The way she was able to read my birth chart and connect it to my life was mind boggling. I am both mystified and terrified of her ability. Nina is a star and I can’t recommend her readings enough.
-Skylar F.

It was such a pleasure to receive a reading from Nina and Shaina. I’ve had a couple of past readings with astrologers and it’s simple enough to unpack the elements of a chart, but less common to be able to feel it out intuitively and ground the symbolism in a real-world, applicable sense. It takes a special kind of sensitivity and attention to make those more subtle connections which Nina and Shaina are both highly skilled at. They were able to illuminate some of my more stubborn blind spots which I’m enormously grateful for. Nina and Shaina are a fantastic duo and I very much recommend booking a reading with them!


 I am so shocked at the accuracy and details of the reading. Both Nina and Shaina are such gifted astrologers and I personally HIGHLY recommend them for any reading that they have to offer as they go in depth as well break things down easily.Thank you both for doing a more heavier reading for me , I will definitely be buying more services in the future.

-Daniel F.

 I was actually so excited to see the 30 min video they made for my birthchart!! I found everything so fascinating and it really did resonate with me. Loved everything about it. You guys do such a good job on this and I really appreciate your work. You girls are awesome, thank you Nina and Shaina!!!

- Johnathan I

I've had many astrological readings done, but Nina and Shaina were AMAZING! They were so detailed and accurate when it comes to romantic relationships and love. The information I received was extremely therapeutic and insightful. I can't wait to have more readings with these ladies and couldn't be more grateful for their time.

- Neena K


Fantastic. If you're looking for a fun, down-to-earth chart reading packed with insightful analysis, this is it. Detailed and easy to understand, Nina and Shaina are true professionals and I can't recommend Party Trick Astrology enough. 10/10

- Zak B



I was very impressed by the reading I received. I felt it was super elaborate and it explained to me a lot of what was going in my life currently. Very friendly and offered suggestions on how to circumvent different aspects and how to manage the energy a bit better. Very grateful for the time that was taken prior to my reading to have everything ready and again the information is on point! Two amazing individuals

-Starseed B.

This reading was amazing! This was the very first chart reading I have ever had done and I was super impressed by how they pin pointed everything in my chart that related to my question. They even gave advice about what they thought would work best with my placements. I would highly recommend getting a reading from these two :)


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